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Leal Elementary – Talent running high!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to write about my experiences. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some amazingly talented kids at Leal Elementary. They had a Talent Show to support their “Arts in Motion” Program and I volunteered to take the photos for Leal.

Here is another link with some information about Leal Elementary.

Although the photos won’t be public, trust me that all the participants were incredibly cute! They can sing, dance, do gymnastics routines, hula dance, hula hoop, tell jokes, and even perform magic tricks! Just not all at the same time. 🙂



More Street Art-3D

Hey everyone,  I found some more street art and wanted to share.   It’s all 3D, and creates visual effects that will play some fun tricks with your mind. Here is one image that I really like. It’s not real – it’s a drawing!

This is another link that I couldn’t stop looking at. Check out the one title “Oceanside Pool”. What a great way to transform an ordinary pool from a suburban backyard to an Italian Villa!



WHS Shanti Club!

Hey everyone!  I had the opportunity to photograph a culture show put on by Whitney High School’s  Shanti Club.  This culture show was a mix of dances and skits celebrating India and its heritage.  High schools can elect to participate in the show, and many of them do.    This show was amazing.     Energetic, exciting, and fun; it really made you want to dance!

Here are some highlights from the show.  More will be on the website soon! 

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Street Art (cont.)

Hi everyone,

Just in case that anyone did not get the Cathy Chang link, or was not able to access it, here it is again with another good link featuring street art:


Link text

They are both pretty amazing, so enjoy!


Street Art

Hey everyone!  Found a cool link of some street art.  Thought everyone should check it out.  I love street art


Anna and Erfan – Anniversary Photos

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!

These are photos from an anniversary photo session that I did for two friends of mine: Anna and Erfan.  I’ve known Anna for over fifteen years, and she has become a good friend of mine.  So when she asked me to do a photo session with her and husband of three years for their anniversary, I was really excited to shoot this very adoring couple.  They were married in Bangladesh, in a traditional Bengali ceremony and had a beautiful reception here in Los Angeles for their family and friends. Now three years later, we’re doing a photo shoot for them celebrating three years of love, laughter, and many long distance phone calls overseas!


Deena Kalra.

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Calling all Dog Lovers

If you are a dog lover, you must see this!

I have two small chihuahua terriers, and I’m pretty sure if they could talk, it would be something like this link!

Can you really say no to a talking dog?  🙂

Have fun!


If anyone has cute picture of their pets, please share them!  I’d love to see your furkids!

Here are mine!